To: Members of the Alabama Legislature and Governor Robert Bentley

Alabama Needs a Raise: Increase Minimum Wage for Alabama Families

Alabama Needs a Raise: Increase Minimum Wage for Alabama Families

Please support legislation to establish a minimum wage in Alabama above the federal minimum to allow working men and women to better provide for themselves and their families. We must find a wage that is fair for businesses and employees.

Why is this important?

Currently, a family with two parents working full-time and making minimum wage cannot make enough money to make ends meet, according to cost of living estimates for the State of Alabama. The Economic Policy Institute has conducted a study that confirms that a $9.80 minimum wage would create 1,800 new jobs and give half a million people in Alabama a raise.


Reasons for signing

  • Suggest at least $10.10 as per Pres Obama. This amount covers cost-of-living increases since raise in minimum wage.
  • As a working person, this would be extremely helpful. cost of living is currently too much for me.
  • The Alabama legislature and this nation in general needs to focus on lifting up hard-working families, instead of the corporations which are making fortunes on the backs of their employees


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