To: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality



Dear MDEQ Director Heidi Smith,

Please don't approve Nestle's request to double their take from 200 gallons of free water per minute to 400 gallons. Each year, Nestle takes 105 million gallons of water from Michigan's aquifers, to sell 840 million bottles of water at a tremendous profit. We ask that you deny their request to double their free take because Nestle has not been a good corporate citizen to our Great Lakes.

First, Nestle takes 1.1 million liters of water from Ontario, Canada while the community experiences a drought. Second, it is unethical for a corporation to be subsidized such egregious corporate welfare of tax breaks and free use of our natural resources while Michigan residents pay some of the highest water rates in the nation. Third, and most significantly, Nestle has taken an almost incalculable amount of water from the Michigan watershed, (between 840 million to 1.6 billion bottles of water every year since 2001) with close to 100% profit. Yet, their commitment to our state is paltry: When the Flint Water Crisis required donations from people all over the world, Nestle - did not donate 10% of what they took in one year, or even 5%, or even 1%. One percent of their take in one year is just over 8 million bottles of water. Now keep in mind, what they take is free, their profit is enormous, and yet they could only spare 1/5th of 1%, just a measly 1.6 million bottles for Michiganders who were suffering. Please deny their request. Thank you.

Why is this important?

This issue is important because:
- Nestle has an environmental impact on our watershed,
- Nestle contributes little or nothing to our tax base,
- Nestle pays little or nothing for the water they take,
- Water is shipped off and doesn't re-enter our watershed,
- Michigan citizens do not gain anything by the increase,
- Nestle demonstrated miserly behavior in a time of need.
Corporations which do not demonstrate beneficial citizenship should not be subsidized with hundreds of millions of dollars in resources and tax breaks. The Great Lakes water basin holds 20% of the Earth's fresh water, and should be regarded with care.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver this petition to the Director of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Reasons for signing

  • Sorry my signature won't count not a Mich resident. But Nestle wants to build water bottling plants in the Columbia River Gorge (Oregon) despite local and state residents objections. How much does one corporation need? They take our water and sell it back.
  • keep our water here
  • Just not fair people have to pay very high water bills and they pay almost nothing. Im sure Snyder is making a profit


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