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Endorse Lisa for Senator

Endorse Lisa for Senator

Endorse Lisa McCormick for US Senator in the Democratic Primary

Why is this important?

Lisa McCormick is the only Democratic alternative to an ineffectual, corrupt, pro-war insider who will by vulnerable to a Republican millionaire's campaign in the fall. Beside voting to repeal Glass-Steagall and then to bail out big banks, the incumbent is sponsoring legislation to deregulate $2.7 trillion in money market funds. He was indicted by the Obama administration but the charges were dismissed under Donald Trump, who was among his campaign contributors. The incumbent also supported an $80 billion military spending increase, opposed the Iran nuclear deal and normal relations with Cuba, and he failed to achieve meaningful restrictions to stop gun violence despite 25 years in Congress. Lisa McCormick is a progressive Democratic woman who supports an end to legalized bribery, Medicare for All, aggressive tax justice and a full employment policy to reverse the effects of Reaganomics.

New Jersey

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Reasons for signing

  • Because Bob Menendez’s time is up. Lisa stands for the 99% rather than private planes and luxury vacations.
  • Lisa McCormick is one of the most qualified candidates to be a Senator.
  • Because Lisa represents the only genuine alternative to the politics as usual which has allowed for the hollowing out of the middle class that is the lifeblood of a truly progressive society.


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