To: Forever 21 management and human resources,

Forever 21: Pay Fair or We Won't Wear!

Forever 21: Pay Fair or We Won't Wear!

Forever 21 recently dropped most full-time staff members down to part-time to avoid paying benefits and paid time off (PTO) to its employees. The staff was given mere days notice, and were informed that their job as they know it (including all healthcare, overtime, and PTO) would be terminated on August 18th, 2013. The positions included all stock, store maintenance and sales associates, as well as various store-wide specialists.

We want Forever 21 to respect its hardworking, full-time employees by fully rewarding them back with their jobs, benefits, and PTO. Do not let Forever 21 put individuals out of work with no notice, no warning, and no respect!

Tell Forever 21 management to "Pay fair, or we won't wear!"

Why is this important?

In any economy, and especially this one, it is important for employers to be as respectful as possible to their workers. While budget realignments are inevitable for any large corporation, a multi-billion dollar franchise like Forever 21 has the responsibility to show a little human compassion to their hardworking employees. Without them, Forever 21 wouldn't be successful.

Taking away an individual's healthcare, benefits, half their wages, and full-time job can devastate and destroy a life-- and Forever 21 just did that to hundreds of thousands of people. Suddenly and unjustly slashing wages and hours for workers is not an appropriate way to run a company, and we should tell them so.


Reasons for signing

  • It is wrong for a corporation to play politics with the lives of workers who have lived up to their contract. I hope young people will understand they have the power to change corporate decisions but signing a petition and changing their shopping habits. Don't shop at Forever 21 if they don't treat their workers fairly. You have the power.
  • This is such a betrayal of every good thing America stands for. This is purely greed-driven exploitation and callousness to the point of being sociopathic. The decision-makers behind this will rue the day!
  • I'm not giving my money to a company that openly treats its workers like slaves - it's hard trying to be an ethical shopper in this world but this is ridiculous!


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