To: CCTA Board of Directors

It’s Time For New Management At CCTA

It’s Time For New Management At CCTA

We believe that it is time for new management at CCTA. As the 54-0 unanimous vote of the bus drivers to go on strike indicates the bus drivers are united in their push for respect and dignity at work. They describe their strike as against “predatory management” and feel their ability to serve this community as best as they can is being severely compromised. This community is deeply grateful for the hard work that the CCTA bus drivers do for the thousands of people and families who rely on them. After over ten months of failed negotiations around non-monetary issues, it is time that the CCTA Board of Commissioners and Vermont elected officials take responsibility to act in the public interest, and move to end this strike by seeking new management.

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Why is this important?

We need to put people first, with a transportation system that meets the needs of our community, and respects bus drivers' rights through a fair contract and safe and livable schedules.

Chittenden County, VT, United States

Reasons for signing

  • We do need to put people first. We can't just settle for things as they are. We have to pay attention and do something.
  • What kind of business keep managers who not only has lost the respect and trust of every worker under their supervision, but also earned the ire of hundreds of customers?
  • Inept management is trying to avoid responsibility for their own actions by deliberately tanking negotiations with the drivers. They need to be replaced!


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