To: Members of the Illinois House of Representatives

Members of the Illinois House: It's time for the freedom to marry

It's time for all loving couples in Illinois to share in the freedom to marry. Pass SB10 and make Illinois the next state to secure marriage for all families.

Why is this important?

Across the state of Illinois, loving same-sex couples are denied the freedom to marry -- and tools they need to protect their families.

Even in the wake of the Supreme Court's historic ruling that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, Illinois couples in civil unions are still deprived of thousands of federal protections. And the only way to fix that is to allow all committed couples to share in the respect and responsibility that only marriage can provide.

A majority of Illinoisans support marriage for gay and lesbian couples and the Senate already passed the marriage bill earlier this year. Now, it's up to members of the Illinois House to act to ensure that no Illinois family is denied the critical protections they deserve.

Sign the petition now and urge members of the Illinois House to pass SB10 and make Illinois the next state to secure marriage equality.



Reasons for signing

  • I want to get Illinois out of the anti-same-sex marriage column and into the community of states that give same-sex partners full marriage equality. Let's get it done now!
  • Not signing it said it was fir equal pay
  • Love is love, no matter what gender you are


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