To: Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman and Nebraska Congressional Delegation

NE Governor Heineman and Congressional Delegation, Stop bullying refugee children!

NE Governor Heineman and Congressional Delegation, Stop bullying refugee children!

Dear Governor Heineman and NE Congressional Delegation,

Please stop bullying and playing politics with the lives of child refugees and immigrant families. In the past few weeks, a crisis at the border has exploded into an all-out political battle, and the collateral damage is the innocent lives of hundreds of children asking for refuge. Nebraska values dictate we must work together to find solutions, but you have decided to ignore our values, instead requesting that HHS expose the identity of individuals fleeing their country for safety. Please stop the bullying. Let those asking for a hand up remain and succeed in our great state. 200 children will not devastate our economy, and we need you to represent our values of tolerance, compassion, and kindness toward those in need. I know that these children would be welcome with open arms in my neighborhood and in any neighborhood or town in Nebraska-- because that's just who we are. We are not just nice, we are Nebraska Nice, and we would take the shirts off our backs to give them to those in need. We plead that you do the same.

Why is this important?

Governor Heineman and most of the Nebraska Congressional Delegation want to reveal the identities of child refugees sent to Nebraska (and the families caring for them) merely for political gain. Can you imagine the fear this must cause for those knocking at our door for help? Please sign this petition asking our elected officials to take a step back and represent our values.

Nebraska, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • If we turn them away out of fear, we betray ourselves and our ideals. If we turn them away out of fear, we prove to ISIL that we are weak and cowardly, and we validate their policy of violence, and prove that their threats are an effective means of controlling us. Let us show the world the best America. Our national anthem calls us not just “the land of the free,” but also “the home of the brave.” Let’s make those words ring true, by standing firm against terror.
  • Because we must advocate for all children, not just those lucky enough to be one of our own.
  • They are just kids trying to live a better life. Have compassion.


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