To: Michigan House Republicans

Pass Michigan's Pay Equity Package

Pass Michigan's Pay Equity Package

Dear Michigan House Republicans,

After the distasteful comments from three of your members on Thursday, June 5th, we urge you to vote the Pay Equity Package - including House Bills 4516, 4517, 4518, and 4519 - out of the House Government Operations Committee and pass it through the full Michigan House of Representatives.

If you "understand women" and the issues closest to them, you will take action to pass the Pay Equity Package that is currently stalled in committee to reduce the real inequalities women face in Michigan.

Why is this important?

On June 5th, Representatives Peter Pettalia, Ben Glardon, and Roger Victory posed with issues of Glamour Magazine on the House Floor. Rep. Pettalia then told a Michigan Public Radio reporter, "Don't tell us we don't understand women."

The Representatives have backpedaled, claiming that it was a "light-hearted joke," but there is nothing funny about the real challenges Michigan women face.

In response, Michigan women, including at least one female member of the Republican caucus, have demanded an apology from the three representatives.

But apologies aren't enough. Michigan women deserve real action to right the inequalities they face every day. That action should start with passing the Pay Equity Package that is currently stuck in the House Government Operations Committee.

According to House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel's website, this package of bills would:

• Prohibit an employer from failing to provide equal compensation for work of comparable value for several reasons, including sex (House Bill 4518 - Rep. Gretchen Driskell)
• Create penalties for employers who pay different wages to men and women who are “similarly situated” – employees with similar qualifications, experience, etc. (HB 4519 - Hovey-Wright)
• Create a state commission on pay equity (HB 4517 – Rep. Dian Slavens)
• Require an employer to provide, at an employee’s request, wage information for “similarly situated employees” (HB 4516 – Rep. Collene Lamonte)

Kalamazoo, MI, United States

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