To: California State Senate and California State Assembly

Pass California Fracking Moratorium Now

Pass California Fracking Moratorium Now

Tell our California State Legislators to pass a fracking moratorium now and vote yes on SB 1132.

Why is this important?

Last year, under pressure from the oil industry, the California Legislature failed to pass a moratorium on fracking. Since then, fracking has continued to expand in California, putting our communities, our water supply and the environment at risk.

Now we have another chance to pass a fracking moratorium bill. Senators Holly Mitchell and Mark Leno introduced SB 1132, a strong moratorium bill that, if passed, will protect California from fracking and other dangerous well stimulation techniques.

Thanks to Californians across the state, we had another victory when the Appropriations Committee voted yes on SB 1132 and and the bill now goes to the floor of the State Senate. Now is the time to act and get all our State Senators to support a California fracking moratorium. (And it's not to early to get our State Assembly members on board as well.)

We have a real opportunity to pass a moratorium this year. The oil industry will spend huge amounts of money and political capital fighting this bill, so we need your help today.

If you live in California, please sign the petition, post on Facebook and email the link to all your California friends.

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Reasons for signing

  • i don't want to die in a massive earthquake caused by capitalists.
  • cannot think of a more important issue with regard to stopping the heating of the planet! Let's make the current governor stand up for true environmental change and if he does not do not vote for him. There are good green folks and others who really do care on the ballot.
  • Because responsible scientists have proven that the extraction technique is dangerous. We need to move beyond gas and oil towards renewable energy sources.


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