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Pass the EPA's Clean Power Plan

Pass the EPA's Clean Power Plan

Dear Congressmen and women against the EPA's Clean Power Plan,

It is important that you pass the EPA's Clean Power Plan that was proposed on June 2nd. Climate change is arguably the most pressing and important issue that we, as Americans and as human beings, are currently facing because it is our health and the health of our children that are on the line. It is going to take dramatic and immediate action to reduce the environmental damage that we have already caused, and this Act is one step of many that we must take.

Why is this important?

The Clean Power Plan is the first proposal that will reduce the carbon emissions of already existing power plants, the single largest carbon pollution producers, who account for one-third of all domestic greenhouse gas emissions. According to EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, the new plan will "[leverage] cleaner energy sources and [cut] energy waste" and "it will clean the air we breathe while slowing climate change". Furthermore, McCarthy says that "We don't have to choose between a healthy economy and a healthy environment," the Clean Power Plan "will sharpen America's competitive edge, spur innovation, and create jobs."

The proposed regulations will make power plants more efficient and less polluting. By 2030, it will cut carbon emissions in the power sector by 30% nationwide below 2005 levels. It will avoid up to 6,600 premature deaths and shrink electricity bills by roughly 8 percent.

The Clean Power Plan will be implemented through a state-federal partnership, adjusting itself to work best for the environmental situation that is unique to each state. States that have already invested in energy-efficient programs are free and able to build upon these programs. Plans are due by June 2016.

Reasons for signing

  • gotta save the world
  • The lives and futures of our children and greandchildren depend on it, and on us to pass on to them healthy, clean air, safe drinking water and agricultural resources like good soil and water, not droughts and destruction.
  • I believe global warming will be the crisis that got away from us, even if Ebola does, too! I travelled from CA to NYC to march in People‚Äôs Climate March. Paris, next? Clean Power is what we need. Contact me, Jessica?!


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