To: Montana Governor, State House Representative, State House Senators

Raising Minimum Wage Up To $12.75 In Montana State.

Raising Minimum Wage Up To $12.75 In Montana State.

Dear Montana State Government.

We the people feel that our Montana wage is a poor wage to live on and to provide a family on, we proposal our state government to raise minimum wage from $9.00 a hour to $12.75 a hour, this would make the minimum wage a liveable wage and wouldn't break the government back.

I speak for all the citizens here in Montana state to raise the minimum wage, so that our Montana citizens can survive what they bring home from there employment.

Why is this important?

Signing this petition is vary important to sign because we are trying to raise minimum wage a more liveable wage, so that hard working America's can survive on a increase wage to provide for his/her family.

Raising this minimum wage up to $12.75 a hour, Is a good wage for everyone in the Employment field and it wouldn't hurt our government system to support the increase of minimum wage.

The Montana citizens are tired of working for dirt poor wages, making it hard to provide for yourself and for your families, its time to raise minimum wage here in Montana state.

And it all starts with everyone signatures on this petition.

How it will be delivered

Political candidate Curtis bridges will walk this petition to our Montana governors office, the state house representatives and state house senators, so that our Montana government can hear all the peoples voices here in Montana state.

Helena, MT

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