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Request checks/balances on legal system as adds huge, often hidden cost, other harm to society

Request checks/balances on legal system as adds huge, often hidden cost, other harm to society

Want DFA & other groups to spread request to their members & other groups plus media for dialogue to create national contests for enforceable, constructive, compassionate ideas (for prevention + need clear statistics) to return legal system to more consistent justice. You can forward this link or tell others to google my name (Susan Titus Glascoff) - top item is my blog, - click on it & then petition link is top entry. Consider reading a few blog entries for more data. Consider taking the 10 question simple yes/no quiz, YOU BE THE JUDGE- 3rd entry below petition.

Why is this important?

If you think I exaggerate, google "Judicial Hellholes" where our American Tort Foundation ranks places across the entire U.S., noting it is often impossible to get a fair trial there. Exploitation of power imbalances including excess suing, greed, legalese, loopholes, sometimes inadequate training recognizing abuse (ex- Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde), & sometimes outright corruption promote defensive practices within the legal system AND society. Abuse of our legal system increasingly adds huge cost to business, health care, individual, & family issues, even including thousands of documented cases of abusive custody (google the award-winning documentary, NoWayOutButOne, true story of mom/kids getting asylum FROM the U.S.).
Excess incarceration & civil suits impoverish many, as system has too often become Who CAN Win Versus What Is Fair, especially when there is a power imbalance. Taxpayers pay LOTS to operate this system. Ultimately, all issues interrelate, hence compound. Since most know that abusive behaviors have a high cycling rate, isn't it time we insist on justice before we do too little too late? Isn't this part of what causes "Inequality for All" which Mr. Reich so eloquently expresses in his award-winning documentary?
Since NO group is good at policing itself, doesn't common sense dictate our legal system needs more enforceable checks & balances? Efforts of good judges & lawyers are increasingly thwarted. What if YOU or a loved one get falsely accused, get caught in suit that drags for years (ex- frivolous lawsuit, inequitable divorce, harmful or outright abusive visitation or custody) which can even bankrupt you, or are ordered to pay an outrageous award, etc, etc, etc?
Please know that I am in WhosWho of America due to lifelong public advocacy.
Do YOU think so much of what I've written re need for legal accountability would come up when you google my name if some in authority didn't want this message to become more public?

PS- I have 5 sons- 2 step, 8 grandkids, remarried 21 yrs, 1st married 23 yrs to high-powered lawyer (agrees legal system needs some major reforms).
Hopi Indians- "When grandmothers speak, the earth will heal."

How it will be delivered

Send to DFA, some other organizations, email, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-IN, and various media, individuals, plus some officials.

Reasons for signing

  • We need to have real justice in the courts. Justice should not be for sale We need to stop the inbalance and suffering of innocent victims. Our children are entitled to have a good life with equal rights and authorities who ensure this.


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