To: President Obama

Stop Spending Taxpayer Money on Discrimination!

Stop Spending Taxpayer Money on Discrimination!

President Obama, sign an Executive Order barring LGBT discrimination by federal contractors -- lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans deserve a fair shot at making a living without the stress of keeping their identity a secret.

Why is this important?

For decades, LGBT advocates have been fighting for federal workplace protections. Though we continue to work to pass a federal law that would outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, companies like ExxonMobil -- which just voted down a shareholder resolution to include an LGBT non-discrimination policy -- will never end these practices unless forced to by the power of the federal government.

Despite about half of states having statewide non-discrimination laws, discrimination persists. Audrey was forced out of her job after putting a picture of her wife on her desk in Pennsylvania. Kevin was forced to go back into the closet after hearing anti-gay slurs at his office in Oklahoma. Moi was sought-after by employers in California until she showed up for interviews and didn't conform to gender stereotypes.

ExxonMobil is one of the most viciously anti-LGBT companies operating in the United States, and refuses to add LGBT workplace protections until you or Congress force them to. The federal government has spent nearly $8 billion since 2000 on federal contracts with ExxonMobil -- spending vast amounts of taxpayer money with a horribly discriminatory company.

Pick up your pen, Mr. President -- your signature on an Executive Order could help end LGBT workplace discrimination and set the stage for Congress to act!


Reasons for signing

  • cause if you're no longer a president, then someone else good has to sign the law
  • Equality should be universal, sexual orientation, race, religion,WE the People are all in this together.
  • I believe that America is a free country and this has to stop