To: Governor Scott, the State Board of Education and the Florida Legislature

Suspend Florida School Grading

Suspend Florida School Grading

We call on Governor Scott, the State Board of Education, and the Florida Legislature to immediately suspend Florida's school grading system.

Why is this important?

Florida citizens already doubt the integrity of the accountability system and the reliability of school grades. Recent revelations of grade tampering by Governor Scott's latest Commissioner of Education Tony Bennett have confirmed our worst fears - the grading of Florida schools is subject to political manipulation.

Tests that were never designed to have high-stakes consequences are being used inappropriately to determine a system of rewards and punishments that can have a negative impact on children, teachers, taxpayers and communities.

Until a full forensic investigation into the accountability standards is completed in total transparency, the school grading system in Florida must be suspended.



Reasons for signing

  • Need to teach to teach, not to a test.
  • The idea of giving money schools based on these grades is ridiculous because there are just too many variables to be accounted for that children are expected to be robots. Case in point; a nine-year-old child loses a parent and is expected to test to a certain level based on the previous test a year BEFORE the death.
  • Please, please sign this petition. It will make a difference for Kyles school, all his schoolmates, teachers, aides, therapists and fellow parents. Thanks for your time. We need at least 8,000 signatures!!


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