To: California State Senate

HELP END LGBT OPPRESSION IN RUSSIA: Support CA Senate Resolution 18!

HELP END LGBT OPPRESSION IN RUSSIA: Support CA Senate Resolution 18!

TAKE ACTION AGAINST RUSSIA'S LGBT OPPRESSION: Add your name to this petition urging California's two largest pensions to divest from Russia.

By now, you've heard of the recent anti-LGBT law signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin that threatens arrest, detainment and imprisonment for people publicly supportive of LGBT equality. The law has resulted in a dramatic increase in hate crimes and public persecution of our LGBT brothers and sisters simply for expressing who they are or who they love.

California has an opportunity to take meaningful action on the appalling situation in Russia.

That's why Equality California and the National Center for Lesbian Rights are sponsoring Senate Resolution 18, authored by Senator Mark Leno, urging CalPERS and CalSTRS against making direct investments in Russia. There are billions of investment dollars at stake and we don't want any of it going to Russia while this law is in effect!

Help California take a stand against hate in Russia. Sign this petition!

Why is this important?

By urging the state's two largest pension plans to cease Russian investments, we are making a bold gesture against hateful policies and a firm stance in defense of equality. Our investments should align with our values, and never reward discrimination against individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Sacramento, CA

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Reasons for signing

  • Love is love, no matter what gender you are
  • this is where it will hurt Russian companies - money is, in the end, the only thing that matters to powers that be - so kick 'em-kick 'em in the nuts!
  • Teach Russia a lesson we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and we won't tolerate intolerance !


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