Tell Big Oil to Keep its Dirty Hands Off Our Clean Energy

Jesse Bacon
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Jesse Bacon
Tell Big Oil to Keep its Dirty Hands Off Our Clean Energy
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To: State Legislatures

Big Oil barons like the Koch brothers are trying to derail efforts in a dozen states to transition to green energy. The American Legal Exchange Council, which is the premier front group representing polluters, is pushing bills that would repeal states' previous commitment to clean energy.

Why is this important?

We could be getting 100% of our power from green energy sources, and millions of Americans live in states trying to make that transition. But the oil industry is not politely stepping aside. We need to pressure it to do so.

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  • Ros R. 2013-09-23 23:42:50 -0400
    Pres. Jimmy Carter installed solar panels in the White House.Reagan took them down.We need to keep trying!
  • Bryan K. 2013-07-12 14:43:18 -0400
    The Koch Brothers are the biggest threat to American society.
  • Marnie C. 2013-06-16 19:13:56 -0400
    We cannot keep going at the rate we are, the world needs to change to clean energy, Koch bros need to butt out, or support!