To: Speaker John Boehner

Union Organizing is a Civil Right

Union Organizing is a Civil Right

Join me, my friends at DFA, and Rep. John Lewis in becoming one of the first Americans to support our new bill establishing union organizing as a civil right

The Employee Empowerment Act will give workers the same legal options for union organizing discrimination as for other forms of discrimination -- stopping anti-union forces in their tracks.

Why is this important?

As go unions, so go middle-class jobs. Decades ago, unions and the civil rights movement marched arm in arm towards a common future -- an America free of discrimination, with opportunity for all.

Today, workers still face numerous forms of discrimination and can be illegally fired for standing up for their rights. Workers can appeal, but the current process takes years. Companies have quickly learned to fire workers first and ask questions later.

We can’t sit back and hope for the best while union busters and the Supreme Court tear apart the foundation of the middle-class. We need to go on offense.

With your help, we can begin to fix a broken system. We can ensure that workers join together on the job without fear of unjust termination or a drawn-out and often ineffective process. Together we can rebuild and give voice to the middle-class.


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