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Dear Big-Hearted:
Did you know baby-boomers have double the suicide rate "expected" for our age bracket?* And, so do our valiant Veterans.**Could it be some of us miss being the successful activists (Veterans, hear "fighters"), world-improvers and just plain rabble-rousers we once were? We were amazing -- Civil rights, women's power. People-of-color power with Voting Rights Act, 1965; We created the EPA (1972), our activists helped create FOIA, 1967, we reinvigorated the FEC, 1974, when FPPC in CA was created for honesty-in-elections; this then went national. AND, our yelling ended the Viet Nam war in 1973!
There's no argument our generation inspired the world's best rock music ever!
So, it's no wonder -- as you remember using your "umph!" to help with causes, to spotlight injustices and speak truth to power (and to fight for the USA!) -- you need a way to stay connected to some excitement, as your personal world narrows due to problems, disability or age, or temporarily closes off some activities. You’re SIGNING the PETITION TO HELP CREATE <>, a democratically-run website for the EMPOWERMENT of HOME-BOUND ACTIVISTS.
We all need friends who can empathize with our situations.
There are WOUNDED VETERANS (many with PTSD), too, who might need this; Women Vets have a shocking rate of suicide that can't go on!
Well, can you still use a phone? Do you have any computer ability? Could you hand-write letters to legislators? You keep up with the news, so could you do research? How about reading and summarizing books or just telling someone else about the book's thesis?

Or, perhaps you miss seeing your name in print! You, my friend, are needed!
Can you technically help group make social network connections?
AT FIRST, the website would provide two choices of campaigns to work on: (1.) For transparency of money in politics -- The CA Disclose Act, AB700, needs many of the above activities done. Its language is already part of the Platform of the State Democratic Party. When it's passed, Public Funding of Elections. And (2.) "As the planet lurches way past 400 parts per million (350 was "safe") concentration of CO2,"*** our skills could be game-changing for the powerful coalition of environmentally-involved, nation-wide groups: DFA (anti-fracking section), Progressive Democrats of America, ( and the Sierra Club! We'll influence "Organize for Action" (Barack Obama's group) to do the right things. The CA legislature is our powerful ally and CA research universities, the best. But, so much coordination is needed -- We at home can watch each hearing, then explain, thru social media, the main facts.

Do you know someone who would benefit from joining <>?
If it's you (or a loved-one) who cannot, right now, get out much, won't you SIGN THE PETITION TO MAKE THE WEBSITE GO? and, call me. 916 451-2045. You'll be contacted (and can, then, opt-out or continue) to start working and socializing around our country's great needs! You'll again create hope and friendships among those of us still hoping to "SAVE THE WORLD!"

Why is this important?

Recent articles like this from the Washington Post's Dominic Basulto, Innovations: "Why an aging population may be good for innovation" praise this group's effectiveness.
More proof:
*"Baby-boomers" have double the suicide rate "expected" for our age-bracket and the world cannot afford to lose our contributions. Baby-boomers are of different ages depending on source and many of other ages identify with "hip" young idealism. Activists of any age (and music genre!) are most welcome and needed. Use the image of Robert Redford in Sneakers; Robert Redford is a real activist!
Injured VETERANS of any age have faced wars, threats, depressions and just plain dark times, but never before has man-kind faced that, in several ways, he was already cooking the grenade. (A phrase meaning, pin-pulled, counting to four before throwing.) Consider my two big activist-causes: 1. Disclosure: Our Democracy is drowning in "Citizens-United-money" (just google that to learn). And 2. the environment: 400 ppm C02 in the atmosphere, etc. Just to begin to name why boomers need to help prevent the BOOM!
Of course, there's much more, like: Hungry, homeless kids in the USA and Third-World or animal abuse due to world-wide corporate farming. will need you! Don't feel useless, there are friends for you to work with. But, we would first develop the special ways people-in-bed or stuck at home can productively work. Skype and U-tube are fun tools we could exploit to our benefit. And true to our theme of 60's activism-revisited, there will be a musical component. More on that. We'll start with a choice of two projects to help. As we grow, some participants will work on others.
Starting up,, is offering just a choice of Honesty in Elections (like the CA Disclose Act, AB700) to be followed by Public Financing of Elections! AND, 2. Improving the Environment with renewables and no fossil fuels. We're connecting major groups with local government and universities to make a member for the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network of Northern CA, right now. (See my recent training and YouTube videos you'll have access to, here!)
Those staying-at-home include WAR-INJURED of all ages. Care-givers for sick or dying parents... For all categories, "life-sustaining" medicines often give us unbearably long periods of disability to face, which isolate. I live with pain, daily, from a long-ago car accident, but have three college degrees that would go to waste if I didn't help out.
Self-esteem rises when we can feel that we help.
We Democrats traditionally rely on volunteers, but the Democratic Party has never faced a richer opposition or one more recklessly destructive of democratic principles and Mother Earth. We cannot afford to lose the help of valuable activists. Or to discriminate by ignoring accessibility rights for the injured.
I am one person ideal to begin this kind of connecting-place. A past organizer, for four years, for a Democratic, Platform-Level cause, The CA Disclose Act, AB700 (CA Clean Money Campaign), I was already a lifelong, part-time activist, having started with Tom E Hayden in the 70's, Campaign for Economic Democracy.
My masters degree and my own accident-shortened career were in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling and I have taken gerontology classes, too. BA's were in English (Ivy League) and Journalism. I would love to continue, life-long, helping our causes by organizing volunteers who'd otherwise be lost to us, when we can least afford to lose anyone!
* "Suicide Rate For People In Their 50s Has DOUBLED" by Bernard Pliers, DAILY KOS, Thurs. May 02, 2013; AND SacBee, "Grim Rise…" Apr 22, 2013.
** June 8, 2015 Suicide rates..Veterans..female Staggering. By Alan Aarembo
***Bill McKibben, May 14, 2013, PDA letter

How it will be delivered

By Facebook and Twitter and other social media and my website developing team at PLEASE call me at: 916-451-2045. Leave message if you don't get me, please!

Just put on Google line: to see our website.

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Reasons for signing

  • Because we need to help the website go and we need people to stand up!
  • Power to the People! Our disabled brothers and sisters wish to help from where they are- homebound.
  • Well we were the generation of hope and activity - we wanted to make a difference and we did. So why are things soooo horrificly bad. We keep struggling if we have a life, but those who lived free lance and did not pay into SSI have no work and no money to live on. They do not want to live - start a fund for Baby boomers so they can stay with us, great minds and hearts getting lost!


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2015-10-21 15:28:00 -0400

Oct 21, 2015. Whole community of world climate-concerned people are involved in marches, twitter storms, and general excitement about PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENTS this Dec. Conference of the Parties, COP21. 32:00-44:00... Video shows kind of seminars connecting extreme weather (due to climate change) affecting populations...poor, children... Help with our real world, learn how with new friends. Would you help with this dream of mine?

2015-06-16 03:43:48 -0400
This is part of the last class for my 2nd United Nations MOOC "Climate Change Science and Negotiations" with Prof's Guerin and Sachs. Speaking is world-renowned economist, Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia U and Head of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Website should be up in a month. And our first event will be a two hour speech I'll give Aug. 2, 2015 about these studies. Also, AB700 CA Disclose Act is wending thru the legislature for the fifth year. Let's hope! 916 451-2045.

2015-03-14 17:39:39 -0400

While studying in the MOOC from the UN, "Sustainable Development" with Jeff Sachs, I am using to teach myself how to get this going technically. DFA, thanks for not quitting on me. Did you know Charles Koch saved the domain, "tea-party" two decades before it was used. ThisCouldHappen will happen! I will always be an activist and more and more people will be needed to help. This site will be most valuable when humanity is in desperate trouble -- Despite our getting older, injured, or caring for others -- we'll be needed to help and it will help us to do so.

2015-01-12 15:53:20 -0500

Currently I'm reading The Crash of 2016, by Thom Hartmann. I urge people across the political spectrum to read it. I would like Dem for Am to call me, about questions I have, like, how I see signers contact info (if they want) -- Without that, how can one go forward? Thank you! 916 451-2045 Dorothy

2014-10-22 20:17:45 -0400

I'm sorry if some have been waiting for this. I am going to have to hire someone to work with me in addition to paying for the "service,", in which I've been paying to save the domain name. If Democracy for America reads this, could you help? Also, please give me access to the names and contact info. of those who signed, if that was part of the deal with their signing. Thank you!

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Having helped with the CA Disclose Act over four years, I've recently had to fight my own growing disability. A couple decades ago I was a full-time Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. It takes fortitude to make oneself and/or others well, and I hope to share what I have learned at this time in history when we really cannot spare any potential activists. So, while this site is for people who have problems, it is NOT primarily about those problems. We work around them creatively so as to work for our world.

2014-08-06 18:37:32 -0400

I've left CA Clean Money Campaign and wish it well. It is most upsetting NOT to keep helping with the country's, or with the world's, needs. We are in both Constitutional and environmental crises. Two people whose work we'll assist are environmentalist, Bill McKibben -- see on YouTube: and Laurence Lessig. A little over a year ago, the two led a length-of-Vermont WALK, teaching this nexus of need. Three months ago, Vermont became the first state to call for an Art. 5 Constitutional Convention to Overturn Citizens United. A year later, Kai Newkirk did the same in California -- using his fame for his televised protest in the Supreme Court, during the case, McCutcheon v. FEC, or the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, II. -- to draw people. And, California then became the second state to call for the Overturn and Constitutional Convention. And why? to save the earth from further destruction by corporate greed.

2014-02-22 05:00:35 -0500

Feb. 21, '14. I continue to agitate for improved fairness in elections. Had a big success today. David Sirota, nationally syndicated staff writer for [now at, Aug.'14] wrote to thank me for helping bring persuasive attention to his pieces about PBS taking a $multi-million donation which influenced its slant in covering the issue. The subject was public pensions and the program influencer, John Arnold, was using it to help himself win a state initiative battle here in CA. See "Five Lessons from the "Wolf of Sesame Street" investigation." The big success was that PBS actually gave back the $3.5 million and will not be running the series! I had written letters to PBS and gone to a meeting of Union workers where we discussed the issue. It was fun and gave me hope that money does not always win!
Also, CA Clean Money Campaign continues to push Disclosure legislature -- and one of our bills passed another milestone, yesterday.

2013-11-16 18:05:19 -0500

Again, editing as possibilities appear. I want people using the site to be able to see and hear each other, when they want! I so appreciate those who signed early and regret if there are those who NEED the site right away -- But, PLEASE call me! see below. I am easy to talk to and will spend time to understand how you want to use the site. Or write: Thanks for patience. If you can help technically, PLEASE call! I am asking for a MoveOn micro-grant to get a music component going, too! 60-70's Rock, new or classic inspirations, too.

2013-09-22 15:44:15 -0400

I finally have time to work on this. I have been doing the campaigns mentioned above. I am developing the website, on Please call or write if you want to join me. 916 451-2045, att'n: