To: Walmart Heirs, the Waltons

Walmart Chair Rob Walton: Step Down

Walmart Chair Rob Walton: Step Down

Dear Walton Family:

I urge you to respect the wishes of your workers by having Rob Walton replaced by an independent board chair.

Why is this important?

Sam Walton’s heirs have become the 1 percent of the 1 percent by using Walmart as a family ATM. They’re worth more than $144 billion, and they rake in billions more each year. Meanwhile, Walmart workers are struggling to feed their families with poverty wages, working women are concealing their pregnancies because the company refuses to make accommodations for their health, and workers who speak out for change are subject to brutal retaliation.

Walmart needs to do better for ALL the families that depend on it. But as long as the Waltons control the company’s board, they can silence anyone who doesn’t think Walmart’s first responsibility is to make them richer. It’s time for real accountability at Walmart – we need someone who isn’t a Walmart heir to oversee the company’s board.

Tell the Waltons – allow an independent chair of the board.