Adrienne Bell

U.S. House, Texas 14

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Who am I?

Adrienne Bell grew up in the South Park community, located in Houston, believing in the American dream and has worked hard to fulfill its promise in her life. She worked for 30 years while pursuing her college education to eventually work towards her EdD. Bell is now a fourth-grade teacher, with the Houston Independent School District, the largest school district in Texas. Over the years, Adrienne has become increasingly engaged in the political community. She served as a Deputy Field Director for the Battleground in the Houston/Gulf Coast area, and in 2012, Bell became a Houston Area staff member for the Obama re-election campaign.

What am I fighting for?

Adrienne wants to be a voice for the people ignored in our current political climate. Still believing in the American Dream, she hopes to promote an inclusive climate, fighting through a system that was never designed to support the minority; standing strong for the needs of the people with integrity, standing for working people and those disenfranchised, across the country. Adrienne wants to be a part of this great movement that will continue to cause a rumble across our county. She firmly believes in being the solution to someone else’s problem. She remains confident that “together, we can strengthen the economic security of our millennials, as we address generational injustice.” We can take care of youth and provide the quality education that they deserve. Desiring to uplift people and confront the issues of poverty, homelessness in our country, she seeks to advocate for public policies that improve the lives of our veterans, working families, seniors, and immigrants. It is time for a representative to embody the needs of the whole of its district, and that is exactly, what Adrienne aspires to do for U.S. Congressional District 14. Now is the time for the people to be heard.

My DFA Values

Adrienne Bell believes in offering quality public education and fully funded higher education because every child deserves a chance to succeed. She believes in ending student loan debt to bring economic relief to those saddled down with debt. Her goal is to provide opportunities for success, not only through education, but also through the health care system of Medicare for All System. Lessening income inequality, supporting veterans, and providing child care aid to working families will also deliver more avenues for the success of Americans. Even more, Adrienne is dedicated to fixing the broken immigration system, with a path to citizenship, promoting the success of people pursuing the American Dream.

Adrienne is also committed to fixing our broken systems. By denying corporate campaign funding, she is working to help rid politics of money and rectifying corruption in our democracy. In the same respect, Adrienne believes in working toward establishing a just criminal justice system in order to break through the mass incarceration system that currently holds 2.3 million people. The imminent effects of climate change and addressing gun violence are also issues that can no longer be ignored.

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