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Since Sam was first elected as Delegate in 2014, he has introduced and carried legislation to make Virginia a fairer, more just place to live for people of marginalized identities like his own. As a teenager who had to work two jobs to help his family, Sam knows the value of work and that’s why he has for years supported a $15 minimum wage. He has seen the negative effects of mass incarceration in the low-income, largely Black Roanoke district that he represents, and that is why Sam introduced criminal justice reform focused on expungement going back to his first term, and in this term introduced legislation to make police camera video public after fifteen days of violent incident. If VA is going to refocus it’s government to work for the people then they must get corporate influence out of their politics, which is why Sam has always rejected corporate PAC money and has fought to prohibit corporate PAC donations. As a candidate, Sam had the opportunity to learn about Virginia’s unique history, especially Black history, which includes the Readjuster Party, a multiracial coalition formed after Reconstruction that took on the wealthiest elite of the time to expand voting access and fund public education. He believe it is time for a similar coalition here in Virginia to take on undue corporate influence in the commonwealth’s politics, to invest in schools and children, to tear down barriers to voting access and to preserve the natural health of our commonwealth and planet.

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