Austin Frerick

IA Senate, SD-37

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I decided to run for this seat because there simply isn’t a bold progressive vision being adequately articulated in Iowa. We’re being run by far-right wing officials who are trying to dismantle and divide our communities while profiting off of the plunder, and I want to challenge that power structure and bring Iowa back into the light. I’ve spent years writing about these major challenges facing agriculture and wealth inequality, but now, I decided that if I wanted any of these things to improve I needed to get directly involved with electoral politics. I want to use the bully pulpit in the Iowa Legislature to bring these issues to Iowans’ attention and push forward an actual working vision for Iowa. There aren’t a lot of good stories coming out of the Iowa State Senate right now, and I want to change that. We can begin to have these conversations on economic inequality and concentrations so that there is a coalition in the Legislature and across the state that’s willing to fight against these things and usher in a focus on the people.

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